Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why do people feel it hard, to use a tool?

Many times, you may hear the words from your management "We need specific metrics before we take a decision". But, from where we will get those numbers? The simple answer is right in front of our eyes - we have those numbers; the only difference is that those numbers are in different form. Someone has to collect, collate and present. Who is that magician to do that? Can that person relentlessly do that, what are the chances of making mistakes?

Simple rule. When you cannot rely on humans, rely on tools. They do not get tired or they do not at least ask salary hikes. When one SME company wants to have a tools - they get too many options from open source. When we did survey, many people said that, even though those tools are free, we need to spend a lot of time in setting up, configuring etc. Support is not a happy part of those tools. So the first pain is getting a tool and setting it up.

Second pain comes on usability. Are those tools designed with the best usability? Some techies did that - features are great, but the UI is not good, reports are not upto the expectations... No one wants to spend more than 2 hours to train or retrain their employees on a new tool.

Third pain. When we ask a question in the forum, answer comes 1 week after. By the time, the answer comes, the problem is either solved in one or the other way or it is forgotten. Hence the support loses the gas. People can wait for max 24 hours, and not more than that.

Fourth pain. This is one of the biggest pains you can ever think of. Addiction of people to emails and spreadsheets. When they are so used to these 2, making them to enter some stuff on a neat UI is not that easy. It is like making your kid to take broccoli soup.

Fifth pain. There is a not a big community behind the tool to support from peer users. This is an important aspect. People get results from other people who already faced the problems. They trust the words of these people, more than the original author who coded the tool!

Pain will continue in further posts...

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  1. Good one. In case we use QAMonitor can you tell the added support we get from tool and from the org