Monday, November 28, 2011

A Test Manager's Wish List - Top 5 Items

When we talk to a test manager, first he/she complains; after some point, their wish list starts coming out. The test manager wants something that is not there now, but can be implemented across teams; yet the test manager feels that it may not happen in near future. Looks like never-ending chase!

1. One single system for all my test assets. But branded tools are costly; my management rules those out when I give a quote. They do not understand my problem of dealing with so many spreadsheets and emails!

What is the real problem here? It takes time to get even the simplest metrics. Also it always gives doubt whether the data in the spreadsheets are 100% correct or not. The recurring pain of manually reviewing the same and making charts out of it, drains my energy at EOD; oh,,I have a con-call tonight to attend and present these metrics once again!

2. Status of test execution and bug fixes must be fully visible to all. Every day I need to collate all status reports, (btw, I have become a super user of copy-paste technique!). So many status mails and sugar-coated wordings by my test leads to protect their team members, sluggish fix updates by developers...I feel I do not have full control on the testing status. If I have a system that tells me, what tests are executed till the last minute, I will be the happiest person in this world.

3. Ready charts and reports with just 1 click. I know my boss appreciates one specific report and chart; if that reaches his/her inbox every night, I am assured of a great appraisal. The test management system that I have does not have that report; hence I export data, massage it and make the report and chart. I am good type-setter as well.

4. Automatic Alerts when something goes very bad. I do too many things. I cannot keep track of everything. But my blackberry or mobile alerts me when a new alert email comes. If build is not deployed or a show stopper happens or 2 testers do not update execution status for last 2 hours, I must be notified. Can someone do that for me?

5. Traceability of tests and requirements. Holy grail of testing. I must know coverage at any given point of time. People write 1000 test cases, but my business team says the test coverage is poor. Again I need some magic medicine.

There is a clear solution for this. Softsmith heard these lines so often from so many people and developed QAMonitor. This tool is aimed at satisfying these top 5 wish list items for FREE to micro organizations with less than 25 employees and at a throw away price to small and medium enterprises.

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