Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Features - 03-July-2011

Dear QAMonitor Users,

We are glad to announce that we had upgraded the product with amazing new set of features. Thanks to all those who provided value-adding feedback for feature enhancements. Here is the list for your reference.
  1. QAMonitor is now compatible with Microsoft IE 7+ and Firefox 3.6+
  2. A simple text based metrics board soon after you login.
  3. Cut Copy Paste of tasks within the task grid
  4. Frameview to see requirements with full details (like reading layout in MS Outlook)
  5. Frameview to see test cases with full details
  6. Frameview to see defects with full details
  7. Rich edit text box with format icons for Requirements and Defects
  8. Create new defect window right from test execution window
  9. Simplified defect cycle and email notification settings
  10. Many new reports
  11. Minor bug fixes
We pledge to ensure the product meets your needs and we continuously improve the usability of the product.


QAMonitor Team.

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